International Design Expeditions (IDE) operates expeditions where international designers collaborate with local enterprises creating groundbreaking solutions to crucial needs. Sustainable innovations for regional development.

Each expedition is curated to the exact needs of the area and is divided in 3 phases in time: Preparation/ Journey / Return. Designers are in residence to complete the journey from assessment to solution to production.

It is a hands-on work for the production of prototypes leading to a sustainable product development.


An opportunity for young designers to confront challenging real life situations on the ground, with the support of experts. The initiative will produce a new generation of innovators through problem solving on a local level with local partners. Curious and sensitive young designers will become part of a fresh new production concept.


An opportunity for enterprises and regions to see the benefits that design can bring to a business, a locality and their international position. The enterprises will benefit from a powerful combination of cutting-edge innovations and extensive experiences.



We need to listen to the right signals.
Design is a shared practice. Local enterprises need an innovative design process, and young designers need

hands-on, real time experience.


The potential of local enterprises and regions, and the lack of contact with design lead us to realise the decisive role of a designer as a facilitator.


Design poses questions, finds solutions and sees details inside a wider vision. It allies a cultural language and a working method. Emotions and real world applications must be researched and supported to create a new environment worthy of us all.





Worldwide. Linking local to international.

Residencies are housed within the area of the enterprises. Designers work within the enterprise or within a collaborative working space made available by the local region/ partners.







The IDE team and jury will select the most talented young designers from accross a range of specialties, from all over the world. The IDE team and the local region/ partners will recruit the enterprises. Like-minded enterprises and designers will be partnered to conceive, manage and complete specific projects.


PREPARATION: Meetings: enterprises /region /designers / IDE team and experts.

JOURNEY: Hands-on work enterprises + designers to produce prototypes leading to product development. Creating pavilions where the public meets designers and enterprises. Lectures by experts. Local Exhibition. Live website showing real time stories.

RETURN: Round tables: the results of the expedition are shown and discussed. An International Exhibition. A trunk of new products on the market. A growing IDE COMMUNITY.