Expeditions: the new model

IDE moves where Design meets Innovation, with a multi-disciplinary approach, breaking barriers between culture
and production and bringing ideas
of international talented young designers.



To be part of the future,
local companies need to challenge the present,
working with designers’ input.

IDE builds local co-creations between designers and producers, working as a career booster for young designers and as a commercial growth accelerator for producers.


IDE unites forward thinking local producers with designers from all over the world, to discover groundbreaking solutions for all our pressing needs and to champion upfront innovative, smart and sustainable designs.

IDE brings innovative young designers into real life situations partnering local manufacturers, placing creativity and production at the heart of socio-economic development and local renewal.

Designers and producers team up, one to one, during a five months residency (link forward the residency page), working part time in a producer places and part time in a creative studio.


10 creative teams sharing a brief developed in a city, fitting local needs.


Following an efficient methodology : Individual and collaborative moments of dialogues taking into account economical, artistic, social, cultural differences. Work is carried out and fulfilled with a prototype to be exhibited.

Survey: Local Context and Brief

Week 1 → 3

Studio Days: Projects
Public Lectures

Week 4 → 14

Development for Prototyping

Week 15 → 17

Production of Prototypes

Week 18 → 20


Week 21



IDE matches designers to the community
projects in local settings for
issue based workshops.

Bringing young designers in direct contact with local public to think and imagine solutions. Patrimony, environment, landscape, urban settings, public uses.

Young designers build together with the public, see IDE to Poznan.

Events will foster better connections between people and their communities.

Creative Session

Day 1

Production Session

Day 2

Production Session

Day 3



IDE apporte une flotille de jeunes designers
dans une entreprise pour répondre à sa recherche
d’innovation et de compétitivité

A selected international team of young designers under the artistic direction of Ide will focus on a special request.

Collectively they will identify the goals in terms of creativity, innovation, feasability, prospective. Separately, they will Design an idea for us.

Brain Storming

Day 1

Creative Session

Day 2

Creative Session

Day 3

Creative Session

Day 4

Result and Debrief

Day 5