12th, 13th, 14th MAY 2017


Drapeau de retour d'expedition, voyage a Poznan IDE

Workshop / Poznan Design Festival 2017

Poznan Design Festival 2017 will be the 4th Edition of this Annual Design Festival.


2017 will be about Water in the City.


IDE presents Water Sideways as part of Poznan Design Festival.


The City of Poznan, Poland, will welcome experts in water from across the design community for its Annual Design Days Festival from May 12 – 14 2017.

As part of the Festival, International Design Expeditions will host a workshop on the river, a pop-up studio mirroring the Flower River Installation in Wolności Square, by architect Miska Miller Lovegrove and IDE’s Mathilde Bretillot.

IDE’s Creative Director Mathilde Bretillot and IDE’s President Catherine Ferbos Nakov will lead the workshop, with designers Clara Verbaeys, a Belgian designer whose work focuses on social and educational sectors, and Wladimir de Lantivy, founder of Artel design agency currently specialising in transition planning projects in Paris.

The team will work alongside a community of up to ten local students from any background. In the spirit of IDE, participants are invited to discover their own creative capabilities and participate in a highly collaborative, hands-on experience. The team will develop light structures, creating a place to contemplate the flow of the river and the essential nature of water.


IDE’s Mathilde Bretillot says of the workshop, “This experience will enhance collective creative potential and demonstrate the purpose of design as an interface between dreams and feasibility.”

IDE also features as part of the main Poznan Design Days Programme including LABA Design, Poznan Design Talks.


12 – 14  MAY 2017


International Design Expeditions and a Creative Project Foundation Workshop Programme.

During the 4th Poznan Design Festival 12-14 May 2017 and within their programme at Kontener Art.


A workshop is about making, feeling and collaborating.
It is about each participant giving their best, finding their place and giving space to others.

It is about building.

Ideas are thrown around, each one has a chance to speak, crazy ideas come up, unrealistic ideas are aired, there is the one that makes you laugh and the one that makes you mad.

A workshop is young, crisp and quick.


Friday 12th May


Morning :


A design-thinking post-it session allows each participant to speak and collect common ideas


Afternoon :


First contact with the materials, long brown cardboard tubes, long thin pale wooden planks, coloured nylon cords, paint, brushes and some tools, not many.

Ideas come and go. The materials impose themselves and by the end of the day the team is bound. Ideas have settled and the work can start. In fact it must start, only two more days ! Usual tension about time, usual stress : indispensable to some, unwelcome by others.


Saturday 13th May


Slowly the workshop finds its place within the other activities of the Poznan Festival. Tubes are being cut, painted, assembled, the noise of sawing, hammering out of doors.

Indoors : presentation of other projects from Zagreb, Cracow, Rome, Lisbonne and Gdansk ;

The power points are stimulating. The place is bustling and before you know it, one of the three structures is almost finished. A lot of people are just enjoying sun, food and beer.

KontenerArt, by the Warta River,is a free and leisurly place by the river, allowing for all speeches, all presentations, all night parties with DJs and good music.


Sunday 14th May


Constructions have not been damaged, work may carry on and reporting must start.

It is the 4th edition of the Poznan Design Festival, the theme is water. Amongst other activities, it has invited the Creative Project Foundation to mount a workshop with the International Design Expeditions AISBL who also chose water as a theme for the importance of the « blue gold » in itself and for its fluidity, its infiltrating capacities similar to those of design.

Together they have invited young European Designers to come and work with Poznan students and together they will create eye-catching playful structures, destined to float on the nearby Warta river, promoting the place of design in a number of aspects of our daily life. The importance of co-creation, leading to exchanges, learning about differences and accepting them. Making creates a community, a common understanding, a common language, though loosely everyone spoke English !


Catherine Ferbos Nakov

Participants interviews

Damian Graczkowski
Marcel Skrzywanek
Filip Pizydryga
Maria Rybakowska
Zuzanna Wysoczyńska



2 designers invited by Mathilde Bretillot & Catherine Ferbos Nakov:


Clara Verbaeys
Vladimir de Lantivy


6 local participants :

Maria Rybakowska
Zuzanna Wysoczyńska
Anya Pazvrek
Filip Pizydryga
Damian Graczkowski
Marcel Skrzywanek