Conception and Production, a connected process

Context has a determining influence on any creative process. Designing is both a very intimate and connected practice.
Permeable to all surroundings — weather, spaces, noises, people, views, abundant penetrating light, vivid tastes, strong, varied, archaic landscapes, textures and colors.
The designer is intuitive – this context penetrates their skin.Searching to develop and discover real new content, the expedition sifts through a myriad of historical stories and traditions, local uses and practicalities, visions and dreams, conversations and shared meals, which all nurture a new way of seeing and thinking.

Here is the unity of time, unity of place, unity of action.IDE builds up a specific context for the project. In a territory for two whole months; designers are intimately associated to all the particularities of place and the people who live and work there. Freely and connected ­­­, they seek a new language of objects emerging from materials and savoir-faire – that precious invisible knowledge.
Conception and production are simultaneous, like improvisation, like Jazz, which can only be successful after deep preparation.Distance from conception to production doesn’t exist anymore, no plans to be reproduced, just drawings as a starting point to discussion and interpretation.

Objects appear directly from the knowing and mastering of a material, whether it is dough or clay.Prototypes are the final objects and the model for reproduction.This is how IDE operates a unique and challenging experience and result.

Mathilde Bretillot